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HEKSOGEN Ltd. is privately - owned company registered in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2002. Owners and Directors are Mr. Tomislav Krmek and Mr. Maro Mjehović. Company’s primer scope of business is humanitarian demining. The company possesses all necessary accreditations that are nedded for obtaining demining jobs, issued by Croatian Mine Action Center.  So far, Heksogen Ltd. has been operating in territory of Republic of Croatia, northern Iraq and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With its current capacities, equipment and personnel, the company is capable to successfully and efficiently perform all jobs in demining segment.  It is worth to mention that the company extends its capacities whenever possible in order to be able to perform larger and more complicated projects.

So far, HEKSOGEN Ltd. has successfully cleared in total over 40.000.000 m2 (demining and technical survey works) of mine suspicious territory.


The MineWolf demining machine is the ultimate response to the challenges encountered in day-to-day demining operations. It has set new standards in terms of reliability and efficiency and has shown unique results in various demining projects worldwide.

Key Features

Choice of tiller or flail operations depends on conditions, effective clearance of AP- and AT-mines up to 10 kg TNT, continuous ground penetration up to a depth of 35 cm and removal of dense vegetation, patented tiller application excels in terms of reliability and survivability, optional remote controlled handling, operator assistance through automatic depth control and optional GPS, engine and cooling modules withstanding extreme conditions of heat and dust, average clearance performance 15,000m2 - 30,000m2 per day.

More Information at Minewolf web page

Key Features

  • Choice of tiller or flail operations depending on conditions
  • Effective clearance of AP- and AT-mines up to 10 kg TNT
  • Continuous ground penetration up to a depth of 35 cm and removal of dense vegetation
  • Patented tiller application excels in terms of reliability and survivability
  • Optional remote controlled handling
  • Operator assistance through automatic depth control and optional GPS
  • Engine and cooling modules withstanding extreme conditions of heat and dust
  • Average clearance performance 15,000m2 - 30,000m2 per day

The RM-KA-02 humanitarian mine clearance machine is developed and produced by ĐĐ Special vehicles ltd.
With total mass of 14 tons and relatively small dimensions, mine sweeper RM-KA-02 is ranked in middle class of mine clearance machines.


Three MDD teams are in company’s possession, total of 6 dogs. One dog handler is available for each MDD team. Dog handlers possess all necessary accreditations. All dogs are specially trained for mine searching and detecting and have valid work license. Those licences are issued by Croatian Mine Action Center and renewed after every 6 month.


A landmine is usually a weight-triggered explosive device which is planned to damage a target—either human or inanimate—by means of a blast and/or fragment impact. Nowadays, in common parlance, land mines generally refer to devices specifically manufactured as anti-personnel or anti-vehicle weapons and should be distinguished from improvised explosive devices ("IEDs").



CRS is an independent, not for profit but common welfare oriented, public foundation performing: classification of ships, statutory certification of ships on behalf of the national Maritime Administrations, statutory certification of Marine Equipment, statutory certification of recreational crafts, and certification / registration of quality management systems.

  • CRS has 50-year experience in the certification of products and a long-term experience in the certification of the safety management system in the marine economy.
  • CRS performs the activities of assessment / certification with optimal price, engaging its own exclusive auditors, sited in the CRS Head Office in Split and in the net of dislocated organisational units, Branch Offices, located in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, Pula, Mali Lošinj, Piran, Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Korčula and Skopje.
  • CRS has made bilateral agreements on cooperation in the certification of the quality management systems with highly reputed organisations, such as BV.
  • The mentioned agreements promote dual certification of the suppliers quality management system with optimal price, based on joint acting during assessment and certification, taking account of optimal joint use of resources joint advantages of both certifying bodies.
  • If your choice in the quality management is CRS or CRS jointly with one of the specified certification bodies, the answers:
    • how to approach the certification / registration process;
    • how to obtain and maintain the Document on certification / registration;
    • which requirements and terms shall be applied by CRS in reviewing of the certification / registration procedure, may be provided to you through the Head Office in Split, or the closest CRS Branch Office.

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